We understand how important it is to be fully informed before making any kind of contribution. That’s why we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions from past and current donors. We hope this provides the information you need. If you have a question not listed here, simply reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we need a new pool?

The existing pool is in a sad state of disrepair. Each Spring the city, along with the Kiwanis swim team, spend over 100 hours of labor getting the pool ready for the new season. The preparations include patching cracks that have developed over the last year, re-mortaring chunks of concrete that have been dislodged through the previous pool season and freeze-thaw winter cycle and painting the entire pool with a pool grade oil-based paint. The pool has several significant cracks that cannot be patched over or repaired. These cracks continually leak groundwater into the pool cavity. The addition of groundwater into the pool water during the swimming season significantly adds to the amount of chlorination required to keep the pool safe and within operational guidelines for public access pools. The deck that surrounds the pool has sunk and is cracked in several places. This has placed significant pressure on the side walls causing them to bow in towards the pool cavity. The cracks in the deck create dangerous trip hazards and have sent several kids to the local emergency room for cuts and stiches.

How old is our pool?

This will be the pool’s 45th season. It opened in June, 1974.

Why can’t we repair our existing pool?

At this level of disrepair, patching the existing pool is akin to putting a band aide on a broken bone. We can make it look pretty, but it will still require increasing and considerable maintenance, water and chlorination to keep the current pool safe until we have the funds to build a new pool.

Why should I care about having a pool in Glasgow?

  • The most important reason to support a new pool in Glasgow is to teach our children and adults swim safety. With so many bodies of water in Valley County, we can’t ignore the importance of learning to swim to keep our residents safe from drowning. The last ten years of swim lesson records show that 5,181 participants have taken part in Red Cross certified swim lessons. Learning to swim is a life skill.
  • Health and Wellness opportunities for our residents. Swimming and water aerobics are a low impact exercise for adults. With a proposed zero-depth entry pool, people of all abilities will have greater access to get and keep fit. Young children and teens will also have access to exercise either thru participating in swim team or play during open swim.
  • Having a new pool also makes a positive economic impact on our community. The Kiwanis swim team can have swim meets that bring in families from outside the county that will spend money at local businesses, eateries and hotels.
  • A vibrant community that have good amenities such as schools, parks, swimming pool, outdoor recreation and theater, can attract professionals to our area to staff our hospital, STAT air planes and our schools.
  • Finally, a caring community looks to the future and how we can help the next generation that will live here and call Glasgow and Valley County home. One way to do that is to help make the new pool a reality. It will be a great long-term investment!

Why is the water in the pool not drained in the fall? (or winter)

When the ground freezes we get what is called Frost heaving (or a frost heave). This is an upwards swelling of soil during freezing conditions caused by an increasing presence of ice as it grows towards the surface, upwards from the depth in the soil where freezing temperatures have penetrated into the soil (the freezing front or freezing boundary). The current pool was drained at the end of the summer of the first year. The heaving pushed the pool up out of the ground and created structural issues. (We have had issues with the pool ever since.) As a way to counteract some of this heaving, it was decided to leave the water in the pool to work as a counterweight. It has helped to eliminate some of this movement of the pool.


How much will new pool cost?

The total estimated project cost of the new drive through drop off/pickup loop, pool house and zero depth entry and 25-meter six lane pool is $2.775 million.

Who is going to pay for the pool?

The new pool will be paid for by donations from organizations, businesses and private citizens. The Friends of the Pool are actively pursuing various grant opportunities.

What does this cost estimate include?

The cost estimate includes demolishing the old facility and construction of new pool, bath house, fencing, and loop for drop off and pickup and handicapped parking space.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible. Charitable contributions to a governmental entity are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code if made for public purposes.

Who will pay to upkeep the pool once it's built?

The pool up-keep and maintenance will continue to be a budget item for the city of Glasgow. It is anticipated that the overall cost of the pool maintenance will be reduced with the latest technology used in the new heating and chlorination systems. The amount of labor and dollars spent on repairs will also be reduced significantly.

Will taxes pay for the new pool?

It is the committee’s intent to raise the money with a broad-based support from residents, businesses and organizations in Glasgow and Valley County. We also plan to pursue various grant opportunities.

What is the minimum donation amount?

All donations are welcome. We are glad for any gifts that bring us closer to the goal of a new pool for all to use for many years to come!

How many donors will it take to pay for a new pool and bathhouse?

What happened to the money donated to the last pool fundraiser from 2008 to 2013?

The money that was raised during the last pool drive has been held in a dedicated swim pool trust account with the City of Glasgow. It has not been used for any operating and maintenance costs for the current pool. It has not been used by any other city departments.


Where will the new pool be?

The new pool will be located in Hoyt Park just east of the current location. Pool will be pushed back toward the levee in order to construct a loop to drop off swimmers. There will also be a few regular parking spaces and handicapped spaces.

What is the new pool construction timeline?

The Friends of the pool are diligently working on fund raising efforts and events to bring the pool to the construction phase. Depending on the level of contributions and awarded grants, we hope to begin construction in 2020 and be open for the 2021 swimming season.

What will the new pool look like?

The proposed pool complex will consist of an “L” shaped, 6 lane, zero depth entry pool and a new pool house with an off-street drop-off/pickup loop that includes handicap parking.

The pool house will be ADA compliant offering showers and changing facilities. Additional amenities include a concession stand that will be open to the swimmers, spectators and park visitors. A park side accessible restroom is included in the design.

What will be the lifespan of the new pool?

With proper maintenance the pool tank, gutter and piping will easily have a 50-year life. The filters and valves a 30-40 year-life and pumps will have a 25-30-year life.

Will the new pool be heated?

Yes, the pool is heated and is natural gas fired and will be at least 82% efficient. The project also includes a pool cover that will conserve the heat and limit chemical loss during the overnight hours.

What is the size of the new pool?

The swimming pool will consist of a 30 x 33 zero depth entry wading pool and a 60 x 82 six lane lap swimming pool. It will hold 227,000 gallons of water.

What will the locker rooms be like?

The exact layout will be finalized during the actual project design. Both locker rooms will be close to the same square footage. There will also be a family restroom inside the bathhouse.

Will there be a kiddy pool?

There will be a wading pool on the zero depth entry area.

Will there be a concession stand?

Yes, included in the bathhouse design is a space for concessions. No decision has been made as to what will be offered, but the idea is to have drinks and snacks for sale during regular open swim and also during swim meets.

What will the construction of the new pool be - steel or concrete?

The pool tank will be concrete and will be coated. The gutter system around the pool will be stainless steel.

Will the new pool mean increases in the prices of pool passes and daily swim tickets?

The Glasgow Recreation Board sets the price increases at the pool on an as needed basis. Their last increase was in 2017 so we do not anticipate the need to increase them in the near future. For reference, the single session swim tickets are currently $2. Season passes are $45 for singles and $85 for families.

What will the parking situation be?

There will be a drop off loop in front of the pool house and in that area there will be handicapped parking and a few

What is a zero depth entry pool?

A beach entry pool, known as a zero entry pool, often includes a natural design of a sun shelf, also referred to as a tanning shelf. One or more sides of the pool will gradually slope from the ground level down into the water creating the zero entry design.

What happened to the land on Highway 2 West where the former pool was going to be built?

The former pool committee approached the GHS Educational Trust to purchase the land so that it could be donated to the Glasgow High School, who in turn would donate it to the City of Glasgow. The intent was to add swimming proficiency to the high school curriculum. This was the only way that the Trust could be involved as they can only gift to the high school for equipment or programs which would enhance the quality of education and student life of GHS students and are not within the school budget, per the Trust’s bylaws. When the pool group disbanded in 2013, the members felt it was only fair to reimburse the GHS Educational Trust for the property taxes and insurance incurred during the fundraising period.


Who uses the pool?

Residents of Glasgow and Valley County, as well as the surrounding communities, from ages 6 months and up, utilize the swimming pool. The common uses are for Red Cross swim lessons, recreational (open) swimming, water aerobics and competitive swimming.

How many people use the pool during the summer?

In 2018 there were 14,399 patron visits. Visitors participated in: o A record number of 606 individual swim lessons o 62 Swim team athletes, 2x/Day o Birthday parties/Church parties o Water Aerobics/daily o Life guard training o Lap swim o Scuba dive training

Does the pool bring in any out of town people?

Yes, residents of Nashua, Fort Peck, Opheim, Lustre, Hinsdale and Frazer participate in swim lessons and open swim. Area schools and summer camps utilize the pool. Swim meets bring in swimmers from all over Eastern Montana. (When hosting Divisional or State swim meets, as many as 600 swimmers and their families will be in attendance)

What activities are offered at the pool?

  • Red Cross certified swim lessons (six levels)
  • Aqua tots (6 mo. to 3 years old)
  • Water aerobics
  • Lap swim (AM and PM)
  • Recreational swimming (open swim)
  • Swim team training and competition
  • Scuba training

What is the Valley County Friends of the Pool?

The Valley County Friends of the Pool is a passionate group of citizens who share the vision of bringing a new and safe pool to Glasgow and our neighboring communities in Valley County. The committee consists of Jory Casterline, City of Glasgow Recreation Department Director; Rod Karst, GHS Teacher and City of Glasgow Council President; Kathy Granger, Glasgow Police Department Administrative Assistant and Grant Writer/Manager; Ann Kulczyk, Business Owner and Swim Team Parent; Ruth Ann Hutcheson, Business owner and avid lap swimmer; Margareta (Maggan) Walstad, Farmer and avid lap swimmer.

Current Glasgow Municipal Pool: