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The Heart of Our Campaign

Our mission is to provide the citizens of Valley County with a safe and reliable swimming pool that meets their educational, physical fitness and recreational needs. 


The campaign began with a simple idea that’s blossomed into a real opportunity to make an impact. To make this a reality, we’ve decided to reach out and get the support of those who believe in our vision. Taking part in this campaign will give you a chance to join a truly amazing adventure and promote actual change.

Glasgow Pool, opened in 1974, has long been a place of relaxation, exercise, practice, and fun. Unfortunately, costly repairs and rework are more than the almost 45 year-old pool can take. Community members, swim team parents, and leaders have come together to form a committee dedicated to raising money toward a new pool. We are focused on fund-raising and support from our state, town, and community to pull together the necessary funds to make our new pool dream a reality.


 If you have any questions about our campaign or the ways you can contribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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